Waypoints Global will feature trendy destinations that attract the most affluent adventure travellers - those with a passion for water and the means and mindset to travel often and afar...on or near rivers, lakes and oceans. Whether a midnight kayaking trip on the Margaree River in Cape Breton, a river cruise along the Danube or an adventure on a 198‑passenger ship breaking ice through the Northwest Passage, Waypoints Global will provide you the inspiration to travel above and beyond.

Waypoints Express will regularly provide you with:

WAYPOINTS will feature specific destinations from all around the world
GEAR AND GARMENTS will showcase the latest trends and styles.
TOURING TECH will cover all the up to date features and reviews of the latest travel tech.
LIFESTYLE will highlight the hot spots: things to do, places to stay and/or dine or key places to explore.
TRAVEL TIPS will focus on how to travel well, and include tips on how to make travel more enjoyable, stay healthy, and avoid pitfalls.

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